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We Have Come Full Circle | Rhondon & Gia

November is such a beautiful time of year; what could possibly make it better? How about a wedding in the spectacular islands of The Bahamas? Now, envision a glamorous day at the picturesque Old Fort Bay Club. This well-manicured, scenic estate painted the most luxurious backdrop for Gia Stubbs and Rhondon Rolle’s intimate wedding ceremony.

As the pair entered the doors of Template, we could see that they were a match made in heaven. The stylish Gia, was a delight to work with and the very personable Rhondon added humour to the entire experience. They indeed compliment each other well and are such kind and generous people.

The duo had their guests’ experience in mind from the beginning and it showed in their chic yet thoughtful choices regarding their wedding stationery.

At first glance, their guests were absolutely wowed by the presentation of this invitation with its sliver reflective and glitter tiers. It was carefully nestled inside a stunning, round, silver silk box, which was expertly embellishment with a large rhinestone brooch.

Eclipsing the eye-catching stone was a rich, navy blue, tiered satin ribbon. A tag was attached to the silk box with guest’s name for special delivery. Per their request, we ensured that the brooch was detachable so guests could have them as wearable keepsakes from their wedding. What a considerate gesture to give their guests such a special treasure to adorn anytime they like. Gia and Rhondon are truly one of a kind!

Upon opening the extraordinary silk box, the diamonds caught their guests’ eyes!

At the top, it read “We’ve Come Full Circle” and was followed by a custom made emblem of the words “love forever” written into an infinity symbol.

Both of these perfectly embodied this couple’s journey to true love.

Printed in exquisite silver foil just like the invitation, the response and gift selection cards were a dream to look at and soft on the eye. Time flew by after the bride and groom wowed their guests with their well thought out wedding invitation set.

As a kindhearted gesture, Rhondon’s mother gifted Gia some lovely favour boxes for their surprise bridal shower. The boxes were silver and confection filled, wrapped in a lovely navy ribbon and topped with a circular tag that had their names, “love forever” emblem and wedding date on it.

Finally, the big day was here! As guests entered the ceremony space, they were greeted with a lovely tea-length program outlining the evening’s festivities. Adorned with their “love forever” symbol, the program was perfect for the gorgeous outdoor ceremony and was the guests’ guide to Gia and Rhondon’s very intimate wedding.

A very excited Rhondon awaited the moment he could lay his eyes on his breathtaking bride, Gia. And breathtaking she was. Not to be outdone by her glamorous stationery, Gia wore an embellished mermaid silhouette dress and an elegant cape. Accompanied by her sons, she was the literal vision of love as she, full of emotion, cascaded down the aisle to meet her better half.

Bishop Denczil Rolle was the officiant for the ceremony on this lovely November day. As they exchanged their love filled vows to one another, Gia and Rhondon marveled over the beauty of their surroundings, which were brightly decorated by the smiles of their gushing friends and family.

Finally their moment had come! Being announced as Mr. and Mrs. Rolle was such a sacred moment. The crowd of on looking well-wishers roared with excitement as the couple shared their first kiss. Anyone could see that Gia and Rhondon’s guests were truly elated to be there to celebrate with them.

The groom’s father, Pat Rahming, was a huge hit, as he jammed out on the guitar.

The atmosphere was electric and charged with anticipation from everyone. Gia and Rhondon’s guests were in for a grand time and a great celebration, and they were not disappointed, as they were able to eat, drink and be merry!

Just like the food, drinks, décor and atmosphere, the menu itself was amazing! A simpler replica of the invitation, the menu was a perfect sphere, printed with elegant silver ink and backed with a silver reflective paper. It fitted flawlessly with the décor!

There were also so many wonderful toasts that were given throughout the evening. During a special moment, Rhondon was so touched by his daughter’s tribute, he shed a few tears. The moving speech was proof that the blending of two wonderful families was now complete.

The feeling of unity and togetherness could be felt in the air, along with love and adoration for the lovely couple who beat the odds and willingly committed their lives to one another.

What a lofty, admirable goal. To come full circle, to be complete, undivided, whole.

Knowing full well that we are meant to be!

Wedding Stationery | Template

Wedding Day Photographer | Barry Williams Photography

Wedding Planners | Kaspritina Ellis & Sonia Willie

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