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Seating Charts informs your guests of seating arrangements. These can be displayed outside your reception door. Our easels are also available for rent but are free with every chart.

Please book your seating chart early. Seating charts are sold on first come, first serve basis. Seating chart price includes delivery to your reception location and  collection after guests are seated and copies for your Ushers. Seating chart information is due one (1) week before the event. It must be typed and can be e-mailed or given on a memory stick or CD. If seating chart information is handwritten, there is a minimum typing fee of $25. Information received  four (4) days before the event is subject to a rush delivery fee of $25. Information received three (3) days before event, rush delivery fee $35. Information received two (2) days before event, rush fee $50. Information received one day before event, rush fee $100.

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