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M & M’s Just Got Sweeter! | Mark & Mandy

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Destination: Rochester New York, USA! We were thrilled that we got the opportunity to witness the wedding of Mandy Olson and Mark Hanson last summer. The rural area of the Empire State was truly breathtaking.

The location has such an enchanting and intimate vibe, definitely enough to make any die-hard Hallmark fan revel with sheer delight. This is the setting that the young couple had their engagement photos taken and eventually their nuptials by the lakeside.

The bride was radiant on her wedding day.

The Bride’s Mom Kathy was beaming with pride and love as she reminisced about her wedding day. The photo showed Kathy on her wedding with her mom.

She was delightfully involved with the planning of the wedding with Mandy every step of the way. Might we add that it was one of the most well planned, beautiful and heartfelt weddings that we have ever had the pleasure of attending.

The color scheme for Mandy’s wedding were greenery, vintage mauve, allure blue, and natural elements. It was captured perfectly in the décor and Bridal Party's attire.

Their wedding invitation was a simplistic double sided natural white cardstock with greenery matching to their wedding theme.

With the age of technology advancing, Mandy decided to have a wedding website to share their special moments, wedding information and collect their RSVP’s. This is now trending and a way of sharing your wedding story and getting guests involved in anticipation of the big day. We at Template are now offering this service to our Brides.

Take a peek at their real life Hallmark story

The day of the wedding, the bride and her squad were an immaculate line-up. The bridesmaids happened to be beautiful with their unique vintage mauve design including our flower girl.

It was incredible how we were able to source the little princess and the young master ring bearer’s attire from a local vendor in Nassau, Bahamas, matching to the squad in New York. These two happen to be the bride's cousins.

They were dressed to the nines and were fully attired, from head to toe courtesy of

Classy Kids Boutique in Nassau, Bahamas.

The ladies celebrated early with a glass of champagne to honor the bride in

Bride Squad glasses that are available at Template.

of the Olson’s reminded us of sweet and fond traditions of seeing your better half until the wedding day. As the bride trekked through the woods to meet her groom; we remember their story of how they met. From First Love’s to Spouses. They started dating when Mandy was going into her senior year of high school and Mark was going into freshman year of college. Their wedding website tells it all.

While at the wedding venue, I swooped in with pleasure to help in decorating the arch as the centerpiece of the ceremony.

The Ceremony of The Hanson's was decorated elegantly with white flowers, greenery, and natural wood accents - all colours and themes trending in 2023. The floral arrangements matched wonderfully with the bouquets and corsages of the Bridal Party as they led the Bridal Procession.

In the hands of the trusty ring bearer are the engagement and wedding rings enclosed in a wooden box. There was no finer box to hold their symbols of love than the Template’s

The ring box is a gorgeous keepsake made of wood with white script. Using the swinging locking clasp; you can open to see the burlap pillows inside used to hold and secure the rings.

Along the seaside of the Port was decorated beautifully to usher in the exquisite bride marched by her father.

During the ceremony, everyone was able to follow along with their tea length natural white linen cardstock ceremony program. A single double-sided card with greenery to complement her electronic invitations.

But who says paper is overrated? Even though Mandy is a very savvy bride, she contracted us for her programs. The bride gave us the honor of making her programs for her romantic and modern wedding.

The reception hall was beautifully decorated by the Groom's family.

As the wedding was held at a pier in Rochester, it's a great idea to have a sign to let out-of-towners and residents alike know that they are in the right place. What a great way to direct and welcome guests.

During Cocktail hour, the photographer went on a picture frenzy as his camera captured every precious moment. The photographer, Robert Hickey Photography, did an excellent job landing all of the candid happy moments of the wedding.

After Cocktail hour, the bridesmaids and groomsmen danced through the hall rousing the cheers of the crowd as they welcomed the Newlyweds. The creative moves were truly unforgettable.

When everyone was seated; they were all greeted by M & M’s in custom glass jars. The groom's mom knew that Mark and Mandy truly have a unique sense of humor. She provided them with favors with their personalized monograms. Aren’t they sweet?

Mark and Mandy received toast after toast and then dinner buffet began.

The bride was then whisked away for the Father Daughter Dance.

From there; the floor was free rein as the guests fully enjoyed their time.

We had the pleasure of witnessing the showdown the ladies had for the bouquet, and the winner received a bit of luck toward her chances of marriage.

Some of the events worthy of noting were:

The Polaroid guest book - Guests enjoyed the photo taking and posting into the guest book and leaving fun and heartfelt messages. that the couple enjoyed viewing a few days later. This year, we will be introducing the Polaroid Photo Guest book at Template.

A few days later, the couple enjoyed viewing the delightful photos and messages.

The late night New York style pizza extravaganza was delivered in perfect timing. It's square!

The late night corn hole toss was fun on the pier.

In memory of Paul Hanson: Son, Brother, Best Man & Friend

Don't forget to leave your well wishes for the lovely couple in the comment section below.

 Beautiful memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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Kim Wallace
Kim Wallace
Jan 05, 2023

Congratulations Mandy & Mark! Blessings and love!❤️

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