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A Never-Ending Love Story | Judy & Billy

We first met this couple 16 years ago and have been working with them on many special occasions, including their birthdays, their son’s wedding and daughter’s call to the ministry.

We are thankful that they have shared these events with us and have recommended so many of their friends. So it was indeed an honour when Billy and Judy asked us to be a part of their 25th anniversary last April. This brought so much joy!

It’s normal to see this warm, friendly and loving couple doing any and everything together. Their fun travels and adventures, their extreme talent for creating special holiday magic décor at their home and their love for family always creates an air of excitement!

For their 25th anniversary, we could not help but to wonder, what would Billy be wearing?

But for an occasion as special as this, he was adorned handsomely in a well-tailored suit, worthy to stand next to the beautiful love of his life.

Billy and Judy chose the colour scheme of white, purple and silver, symbolizing goodness, royalty and wisdom.

We had no trouble picking photos for their picturesque invitation because for a couple that does everything together, there is not one occasion that has not been captured.

The invitation portrayed past and present with a wedding photo from 25 years ago to today. Still in love. Still motivated. Still excited about life, happiness and togetherness.

A rich satin bow in lavender was fastened gracefully, adding the right amount of elegance.

As evident in their giving hearts, Billy and Judy are blessed with the gift of hospitality. At every event, the couple never forget to show appreciation to their guests. To do so, The Higgs' decided on personalized miniature apple ciders and chocolate bars, making their anniversary even more sparkling and sweet.

We are truly inspired by Billy and Judy and the many ways they seek to love each other.

Their zeal to celebrate with family and friends is a demonstration of how each special moment in our lives should be pursued in thankfulness and love.

Cheers to this lovely couple and may they continue to enjoy the richness of a beautiful blessed life!

Take a closer look and don't forget to leave your well wishes for the lovely couple in the comment section below.

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