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If you're looking for a natural and effective way to freshen up your closets, drawers, or any small spaces, the Bevoll Lavender Scented Hanging Sachet Bag is the perfect solution for you. This versatile and practical product is made from high-quality materials and infused with the soothing scent of lavender, offering a delightful and calming aroma that will help you relax and unwind.


Crafted from durable and eco-friendly materials, the Bevoll Lavender Scented Hanging Sachet Bag is designed to provide long-lasting freshness and protection for your clothes and linens. It features a simple yet stylish design that allows you to hang it easily in any small space, including closets, wardrobes, drawers, bathrooms, and even cars.


The lavender scent used in this sachet bag is known for its therapeutic and calming properties, helping to reduce stress and anxiety while promoting relaxation and better sleep. This natural and refreshing scent also helps to repel insects and other pests, keeping your clothes and linens safe and fresh. Each Bevoll Lavender Scented Hanging Sachet Bag is carefully handcrafted to ensure the highest quality and performance.

Lavender Scented Sachet

SKU: 286

    It measures 4 x 6 inches and contains natural lavender buds and essential oils that release a gentle and long-lasting fragrance. 


    Ready for in-store pickup or delivery within three (3) business days.

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