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Design Of The Week - The Duke and His Lady | Daphne & Simon

Yes, many of us have fallen in love with Simon and Daphne.

A local daily featured the popular Bridgerton series. It told the story of the well-to-do Bridgerton family — a widow and eight, alphabetically named children — as they navigate Regency-era English society.

And guess what? Regency era English society is full of gossip and secrets! Maybe that’s why we love it so?

The hit series on Netflix has captivated us! It whisked us away to a period of fantasy, intrigue and romance.

Because of this, we had to imagine how Daphne and Simon’s wedding invitation would look.

With Bridgerton set in the 1800s, the Regency period was all about elegance and prestige. It was a time of sophistication and properness. We thought it was fitting that this young couple would love stationery crafted out of the finest papers.

We envisioned their stationery adorned with opulent embellishments, satin rich ribbons and of course, sealed with wax.

The intriguing duelling gold rhinestone and pearl brooches ordained the invitation beautifully. These custom made gems exclusively sold at Template, would have pleased Simon and Daphne.

It represented their peculiar wooing and struggle for independence with a heavy dose of mystery and prestige.

The brooches formed a distinctive design and indeed matched their courtship and personalities perfectly.

We added laser-cut bellyband to reflect the baroque period that was evident in their attire and tapestry.

The program cover was wax sealed stamped with a baroque “B,” and the laser-cut wrap completed the ensemble.

Wax seals are always in stock at Template. They evoke a feeling of royalty, setting the tone for an elegant and sagacious wedding.

When you peruse the booklet, quotes, poetry and photos from the series will heighten your fun and enjoyment.

We marvelled at the colourful characters, enchanting scenes with horse-drawn carriages, candlelight dinners and well-coordinated dances that Bridgerton skillfully displayed. It inspired us to create a modern touch to stationery imagined.

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