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Real Brides Tell Us What It's Like to Get Married During a Pandemic

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Planning a wedding in the midst of a pandemic is no easy task! With the inconsistency of curfew, weekend lockdowns, borders closing, shipping delays, and financial setbacks, many couples have found themselves in limbo.

In this blog post, we are featuring three Template brides who have successfully made it down the aisle during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are a bride who has also recently gotten married, we hope you can relate to their stories.

If you are currently waiting to say “I Do,” we hope this post will encourage you and uplift your spirits.

And if you are in neither of these positions, we hope you are empathetic and are enlightened by these women’s experiences.

Here are their stories.


Mrs. Amanda Ritchie-Robards Husband’s Name: Mr. Chester Robards Wedding Date: July 18, 2020 Location: Sapodilla in Nassau, Bahamas

Planning a wedding during COVID was so hard. It felt like everything that could go wrong, went wrong. We really wanted to celebrate our love with our friends and family so the 30 people maximum was not going to work for us. For those reasons, we decided to push our date back.

We had issues with a few different things. Our bridesmaids' dresses got stuck in China and our flowers were stuck on a boat in a harbour on the morning of the wedding because of the pandemic protocols and we thought they may not have made it in time. But, everything that we thought were difficulties and setbacks, were actually blessings in disguise.

We were able to find a local dressmaker who made our bridesmaids’ dresses. They turned out great and looked better than the ones we ordered. Plus, I was able to get a full refund from the manufacturer in China! On our wedding day, the flowers did cause a little panic but they did make it! This was only God!

Things were not perfect, but we are so blessed and grateful that we picked the perfect weekend to get married, and through God, we were able to have the wedding of our dreams. We did have to cut our guest list by almost 90 people but we did a Zoom call for those who we couldn’t invite. That was unfortunate but we did save a lot of money!

Thankfully, we were also able to honeymoon and made it back home right before flights stopped again. We are truly blessed that things worked out for us the way they did. The wait was worth it!

To all couples who are currently waiting to have their wedding, please know that your wedding is a personal thing. Some people like small intimate weddings and others don’t want that so make the choice that is right for you. Know that life will throw some punches your way, but remember that God promised never to leave us or forsake us. Just remember that at the end of the day, things may not work out the way you planned, but if you two are meant to be together, they will work out for your good.

My COVID Experience with Template My experience with Template was awesome! It is always so refreshing to deal with vendors who are pleasant, supportive, and are also excited about your wedding! I got quotes from two other companies but to be honest, the quality and detail could not compare to Template.

When I saw the demo program I was blown away! Absolutely beautiful with some great additional touches that fit in so well with our theme! We have now been married for 2 weeks and we still have people calling and asking us for one of our programs. This is a true testament to how beautiful our programs were! Everyone was blown away, myself included. Working with Template was such a pleasant process.

Stay turned to see this delightful duo featured in an upcoming Wedding Wednesday!

Template is now offering digital programs. Click here to see a sample!


Mrs. Phenencia “Candy” Gibson-Bethel Husband’s Name: Mr. Michael Bethel Wedding Date: July 17, 2020 Location: La Bougainvillea, Palmetto Point, Eleuthera

Being a destination bride and getting married on the beautiful island of Eleuthera during a pandemic is no joke! Phenencia came in right before the lockdown and returned immediately after our reopening in May to book her wedding. She, like most brides who got married during COVID, had to cut her numbers down, but time was ticking and we were able to get her invitations out in one week.

My COVID Experience with Template Our experience at Template was beyond ordinary which I knew would be the case even before we entered their doors. There was always a warm greeting, professional service, and the decision to choose Template was easy because of their interest in detail. When COVID made it difficult to visit, their quick responses on social media made the planning continue as normal. We were impressed that everything was available for pickup even before the given date!

Template, we were very pleased with our invitations, programs, and all other stationery. The whole experience was wonderful and I would recommend you to everyone!

Look out for more from this lovely couple in a

Wedding Wednesday blog post coming up in the near future!


Mrs. Chardia Goulbourne-Gomez

Husband’s Name: Mr. Cristobal Gomez Wedding Date: May 29, 2020

Location: Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Nassau, Bahamas

So. My experience planning my wedding during COVID was rough. Mostly because on that one day that I wanted my way. I wanted it to shine but a lot of what I wanted couldn't happen. However, it made me realize what mattered the most. Being married to the man I love!

We were able to do it just on a smaller scale. But we Saved MONEY! We did it and it was PERFECT!

Small, sweet, and beautiful.

Check out their journey in our Wedding Wednesday Feature.

My COVID Experience with Template Yes! Template! So when I first heard about Template I was excited. Meeting Kim and just the entire experience was beyond what I expected! The invitations and programs were gorgeous! And so were the candy boxes! I almost cried because of how happy everything made me. ❤ Template was indeed my favorite local Wedding Vendor! ❤


And these are true stories. If you are working against COVID in planning your wedding, please read about our COVID Wedding Solutions. We understand and are here to help.

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