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Let Love Aglow

Two years ago I found the coolest Valentine’s Day card ever. The card was designed like a coupon book. There was a coupon for hugs and kisses. A coupon for a romantic dinner. A coupon for a back rub. A coupon for control of the TV for the whole night. And so on… There were eight coupons in total.

My fiancé (who is now my husband) was thrilled to receive this card and he did not hesitate to use the coupons.

This year, I plan to recreate this card considering that this Valentine’s Day will be everything but normal. Since we are limited to where we can go out and what we can do, I am opting for a fun date night at home (using a coupon book, of course).

I plan to go all out with décor, food, games and outfits. Yes, even outfits! I am determined to keep love aglow. I dare you to do so too.

Plan a romantic dinner at home. Thanks to Rona (COVID-19), you no longer have to deal with the hustle and bustle. You can order take-out from your favorite restaurant, and even have it delivered or catered.

Transform your space into an exquisite restaurant setting or like a weekend getaway spot. Pinterest has great DIY ideas. Or, you can hire a party planner to set up your space. Think candles. Think balloons, especially balloon garlands. Think flowers or rose petals. You can either keep it simple and budget-friendly, or go for luxury.

Embrace your creative side. Sip and paint. Do a craft project. Sign-up for a virtual-class or virtual Valentine’s Day event you can attend together.


Watch a movie. Download or rent your favorite movie or a movie you have been dying to watch. Pop popcorn. Order pizza. Buy your favorite candy. Splurge on the good stuff.

Pamper yourselves at home. You can either treat each other to massages, basic manicures/pedicures, or sought out a company that offers mobile/home services. Take a warm bath together using your favorite bath and body products.

Organize your favorite games and bring out the toys (if I must say). Have fun! Enjoy each other’s company and conversation while playing and having friendly competition. I remember during the early months of quarantine, my husband and I found ourselves playing “name, place, animal, thing.” We had a blast!

As for gifts, if you are on a budget, go old school. Think about “your teenage love affair” (in my best Alicia Keys singing voice). Make you’re your partner a card. Write a love letter. Sing a song. Dance in the dark. Buy a stuffed animal (which is my favorite, may I add) and chocolates.

This Valentine’s Day will be nothing but normal, but who says that you cannot have fun. So, I challenge you on February 14th to find unique ways to let love aglow.

About the Author

Andranique currently works as a high school counsellor who has an educational background in education and psychology with speciality training in School Counselling and Substance Abuse. She briefly worked as an early childhood educator before accepting a job opportunity as a caseworker with The Department of Social Services. After spending nine years in the service, Andranique resigned from her post to pursue her first passion, counselling. Becoming a counsellor has always been a long term goal of Andranique, and she strongly feels this is her purpose. Andranique spent many years working in youth and children’s programs at her church and presently serves as one of the Junior Red Cross’ patrons and a JA facilitator for Juniors. She is happily married to Mr. Marlon Bethell.

We featured Andranique in our Wedding Wednesday blog. View here.

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