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Get to know your mom like never before and help her leave a legacy of thoughts, feelings, and stories of her life, with this journal to discovering who your mom truly is.


How well do you know your mom? Do you know the stories that shaped her life? If the answer is no, The Story of Mom is here to help. Now you can preserve your mother’s memories and share her life story with your family in this lovely keepsake journal!


Featuring dozens of questions prompting mom to recall and share memories, both big and small, this sentimental mother’s journal allows you to record the highs and lows, laughs, loves, and the wisdom she has learned throughout her life. Whether you are a mom writing down your own remembrances, or a child hoping to encourage your mom to share her stories, this book offers a beautiful way to share the experiences of your family’s life with future generations.

The Story Of Mom

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