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Keep Love Aglow

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is considered the most romantic “holiday” of the year. On this day, people around the globe find ways to celebrate love or celebrate someone they love.

According to the 2009 to 2020 U.S. statistics, billions of dollars is spent each year on gifts and romantic experiences.

Although this trend is expected to change, and it is anticipated that people will be spending less, a recent survey conducted reveals that many people are finding “non-traditional” ways to keep love aglow.

I know, I know. 2020 was a devastating year and you may be having a hard time planning for the future, setting new goals, maintaining a positive attitude… and keeping love aglow. Fear and anxiety still haunts you. You are afraid of putting your hopes up only to be disappointed again (like we were so many times in 2020).

You are still hurting over last year’s grief and loss. I. KNOW. Nonetheless, I am here to remind you that nothing is more powerful than love. So, with less than a few days to go, let’s start planning how to keep love aglow this Valentine’s Day and all 2021.

Instead of focusing on what we are limited to do (or can’t do), focus on how you can show love in simple, budget friendly, COVID-19 safe ways. The key is to recognize that love can be seen (and felt) in other ways, not just in romantic rendezvous. Love glows in the way we communicate with each other. Love glows in our thoughtful actions. Love glows when we prioritize our partners (and relationships).

Communication. Communicating with your partner is more than merely talking. It is actively listening to what the other person is saying. It is understanding and respecting each other. It is about choosing the right words. Remember, ‘our words reveal the condition of our hearts’ (Matthew 15:18).

Thoughtful Actions. It may be difficult right now to demonstrate your love because you lack both motivation and resources. However, love in its truest form is worth more than silver or gold. Love in its true form is being kind to one another. It is more than just a feeling. Love is action-oriented.

With that being said, be determined to display your love through an act of kindness and unexpected gestures, without expecting anything in return.

Prioritize your partner. As humans, we all have the basic desire to feel valued. So, it is important that your partner feels “important” to you. Think about it, the things (and people) we care about, we invest time and energy into it. The more we care about something, the more we are invested. ‘Where your heart is, so is your treasure’ (Matthew 6:21). Take time to invest in your partner and your relationship.

In closing, remember, God is the power source for love. He showed us love at its best, ‘while we were sinners (imperfect and flawed), He sent His son, Jesus, to die for us (Romans 5:8).’ Priceless! If we follow God’s example of love, then we will truly understand what is love and how to love truly. The kind of relationship we have with our Heavenly Father affects our earthly relationships.


About the Author

Andranique currently works as a high school counsellor who has an educational background in education and psychology with speciality training in School Counselling and Substance Abuse. She briefly worked as an early childhood educator before accepting a job opportunity as a caseworker with The Department of Social Services. After spending nine years in the service, Andranique resigned from her post to pursue her first passion, counselling. Becoming a counsellor has always been a long term goal of Andranique, and she strongly feels this is her purpose. Andranique spent many years working in youth and children’s programs at her church and presently serves as one of the Junior Red Cross’ patrons and a JA facilitator for Juniors. She is happily married to Mr. Marlon Bethell.

We featured Andranique in our Wedding Wednesday blog. View here.

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