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Design Of The Week - Black Beauty

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The debonnaire classic pairing of black and gold has always been a sight to behold. The brilliance of gold matched with the strong colour of black mystifies,

We fell in love with this polished invitation designed with beauty and grace and found the rich black velvet box with the couple's monogram in gold foil to be mesmerising.

It is sophisticated and possesses as one feels the soft, smooth, velvety box that tantalises to the touch. The gallant vibrance of the stately custom gold monogram is courtly and sets the precedence for the royal occasion.

Charmed by it all, what are we to expect when the invitation is revealed?

The custom monogram at the top complements the flow of the invitation with its classic phrasing.

The black acrylic has just the right amount of thickness to match the stylish and modern concept of the entire ensemble

There is so much detail in this presentation.

An invitation sets the flavour of your event, dictating how guests should feel and attire themselves. It evokes expectations, determines the couple's style, and often influences guest generosity in gifting.

The invitation requests the pleasure and honour of loved ones' presence for a couple's most sacred and special day. Therefore, the first appreciation of the couple's love should be established when they receive such a request that should be compelling and reflective of the couple's story.

Our stationery experts are delighted to assist couples with determining the best impression that is uniquely them.

At Template, we sit with our brides and grooms during a private consultation to learn and appreciate what their desired wedding is. It is our goal to create wedding stationery that is unsurpassed setting the tone bringing their dreams on paper or acrylic to a beautiful reality.


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