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And Smiled They Did!

It is a blessing when we understand that we have something important to accomplish and do as a community of united people. The encouraging greetings sent by those who participated were heartfelt. Genuinely caring beyond ourselves reveals the real joy and meaning of Christmas.

We were also grateful to Veda Rolle and Calvary Bible Church members pastored by Rob and Beth Elliott for the generous donation of warm meals for the seniors.

Their annual Boxing Day Luncheon is such a blessing for the community of Mason's Addition and other homes and organizations on the island. Calvary Bible's willingness to host the highly-anticipated, annual event despite the season and circumstances, inspired us.

Upon arrival to the Good Samaritan Home, we were greeted warmly by a few residents and staff and our teammate, Mark was granted permission to share his heart with them. They were delighted by the Christmas Story and enjoyed the reminder of Proverbs 16:31.

Whole-hearted smiles filled the room as they now felt even more appreciated.

Again we say thank you to everyone who participated in that season of giving. A small part from a big heart created immense pleasure and love.

This new year is indeed a renewing of our minds. At Template our mandate is to focus on paying it forward and thinking of creative ways to keep Christmas's momentum and spirit in our hearts all year round. Stick and stay with us for the ride.

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