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Design Of The Week - Strike A Pose | Samaya & Dion

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

What makes an invitation unforgettable? The special design features, style, layout and colour!

Reminiscent of Madonna’s Vogue stage performance, you will find Samaya and Dion’s Victorian wedding invitation very intriguing, leaving an ooh la la impression. Don’t know the performance?

The embossed jacket creates a feeling of luxury and elegance and introduces an old world charm with the intricacy of a metallic textured finish. The detailed floral pattern makes it unique and bold.

A custom made bellyband with the the couple’s monogram and a dainty feather gives it that dazzling WOW effect.

The tiered invitation is tucked neatly into the embossed jacket. The crisp black classic text is stately, matching the beautiful textured cardstock it is printed on. Oh so divine!

The response card mimics the invitation perfectly.

This invitation truly sets the tone for a couture and romantic wedding. Strike a pose!

Take a closer look

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