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Unstoppable Love | Derrell & Kendra Moss

Kendra first came to us in February on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to begin the wedding stationery process. The team at Buttons Bridal & Formal Wear our friends and colleagues in the field, had referred her to us earlier that same day.

With great excitement and readiness, she came in and got the ball rolling right away. Accompanying her were her lovely and supportive sisters.

If your groom can’t attend, it’s always fun and exciting to sit in a relaxing atmosphere with your favourite gals to look at exquisite designs and lovely papers.

Kendra knew what she wanted and with the support of her sisters, selected a seal and send invitation design in a lavender colour.

The wedding was set on a picturesque summer day in July.

Finally, the lockdown was over! The wedding was on and because of the date, Kendra and her fiancé Derrell did not have to postpone! We returned to the office fully July 1st as the economy opened back up.

As originally planned, we did not prepare the wedding invitations because of the lockdown. Kendra quickly and cleverly was able to get the word out because the window for the July date was closing fast.

We then began preparing the couple’s elegant trifold programs. Kendra loves flowers and her immediate reaction to seeing the draft was that of awe. It is these things along the way that creates the smiles and gives you motivation to keep going.

Though simple and classic, the trifold program allows for an organized flow of events that guests can chart easily.

Since the couple opted out a reception because of the covid restrictions, wedding favours were prepared for guests to receive at the church.

Kendra and Derrell were very generous in having a custom favour made for each guest.

Then all the goodies were placed into a clear cello bag and tied with an attractive purple bow with a charming thank you card fastened.

Friday before the wedding day, we delivered the favours to the kind folks at Salem Union Baptist Church for safekeeping.

By the time we got back to our store on Jerome Ave, word got to us that the government announced a weekend lockdown cancelling all events because of the covid situation. There would be no weddings or events on Saturday.

Our hearts sank and we felt it for Kendra and Derrell and their families and friends. We immediately reached out to Kendra and expressed how heartbroken we were to hear this and that we were here if she needed anything.

No words can express how this couple must have felt. However, being determined and prayerful, they knew that they needed a plan.

They didn’t get married on Saturday, but Monday afternoon at her residence with just a few people, Kendra and Derrell said, I do!

With the support of her family, Kendra dismantled her living room and set it up beautifully for she and Derrell’s marriage.

It was quite delightful and intimate. The couple became one and the celebration with family was just what they needed.

Adorned in their fine-looking attire, family and friends gathered and were so excited to be a part of the couple’s special day.

Kendra and Derrell have big and caring hearts. In addition to the favours that we prepared, the couple had other special treats for their guests. Delightful treat boxes were presented creating even more excitement as guests wondered what was inside!

As I spoke to Kendra a week later she said that everything went really well. Her advice..

“I will encourage brides to go on with it.

It was less stressful for me by not postponing it."

Well said Kendra!Rona may have changed your plans,

but it cannot cancel your love.

As Kendra says, “It can absolutely be done.”

Wedding Stationery | Template

Wedding Day Photography | Fabian Photography

Don't forget to leave your well wishes for the lovely couple in the comment section below.

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