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We Couldn’t Miss Out On This Golden Opportunity To Say Thank You

They have made us so proud and gave us a reason to stop, stand tall and celebrate in this season of uncertainty.

They reminded us how blessed we are as a nation and how much we can accomplish if we trust God and work hard holding steadfast to honesty and integrity.


We were honoured to work along with Wildflowers Events and Occasions in producing these medallions for a private event that was planned masterfully.

Creativity always comes alive when designing small events that are intimate. They are inspiring and encompasses bold, sophisticated and unique layouts. Though small, these types of tablescapes are fun and imaginative, highlighting the designer’s true skills.

It was a pleasure to work with Wildflowers Senior Events Manager Amanda who is seriously gifted and pays attention to every detail in planning stunning events.

Champions are made in the 242 and our young people are leading the charge successfully.

Everyone has a part to play in making our small country felt in a BIG and positive way!

If you missed our gold medal moments, we got them right here for you!

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