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Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Pink Sands Events named for her favourite colour and her last name, Donnette brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and fun to making any event fabulous and unforgettable.

She has been working with Template for the past 15 years and is passionate about planning, stationery and events. With her keen eye for details and organization she has made many clients happy, pleased and excited for their big day.

A good listener with a heart overflowing with creativity and loads of energy, it will be her joy to plan and design with you.

Our style is our client's style, but the look is always designed to be authentic and timeless, with glamorous and impressive details.

At Pink Sands, we approach each wedding as a truly personal story brought to life. Our process is about getting to know our clients, creating a trusting relationship where we can enter a true collaboration keeping the planning process convenient and fun as possible.

The goal is to design and execute an event that is thoughtful, unique, timeless and always personal. At Pink Sands Events our endeavor is to give caviar dreams and champagne moments!

Each person is unique. Each event is unique. Some clients will enjoy being a part of the entire process, while others will say you handle it. Whatever your personality or stage in planning, we will have a fabulous time!

We offer 3 levels of service with a la cart services available.

For the client who has planned every aspect of their event and simply requires on site management of the day. Two months prior, we confirm everything that the client has already booked and we then produce a minute by minute timeline of the event. We will effectively manage all the details of the day from beginning to end.

For the client who would like to plan certain aspects of their events, but are interested in assistance with design, decor and vendors. This package is ideal for the client who wants help with conceptualizing the event and management of the entire day.

For the client who has a demanding career, full calendar, or simply wants to employ a coordinator to “make it happen.”

Our virtual consultations gives you the opportunity to talk to a professional wedding planner and get advice about your wedding so you can plan like a Pro. Whether you need help getting started, advice on budgeting, guests list, venue layout or any wedding or etiquette concerns I’d be happy to share my expertise to get you down the aisle

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