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International Women's Day Special Feature: Tomia Shearer

A 2016 graduate of Queen’s College and a current Nursing student at the University of The Bahamas, Tomia never say herself as writer. In fact, her passion for writing only emerged after graduating from high school and expanded in 2018, when she started journaling on a regular basis to express her thoughts. This was only three years after she surrendered her life to Christ while still in high school.

It is her relationship with Christ and the leading of the Holy Spirit that encouraged and inspired her to write. In 2019, God instructed her to write a book and she had the faith to believe God that if she was obedient and started, He would finish it! Sure enough, on March 7th, 2020, Tomia held her launch for her debut book and gives all glory to God.

While writing her book, Tomia stated that had to develop more patience as writing required a lot more fortitude than she expected. She did have difficulty with establishing a flow, which improved over time, but she did not have writer’s block. She credits that to her quick wit and the fact that she thinks a lot. Over the eight month period between the moment she decided to write her book to the completion of editing and printing, Tomia says that her character has developed greatly.

Now that her book is published and available for sale, she would like everyone to know that if God gives you a vision, get started because He has already completed it. Be steadfast and sure, for His promises are yes and Amen! Her advice to aspiring authors is to not engage in self-doubt but instead get started and know that your age doesn’t limit anything. As The Bible says in Matthew 19:26, “With God all things are possible”.

Scenes from the "Young & Believing God" Book Launch on Saturday, March 8th, 2020

When she is not writing, Tomia likes to read, watch videos on YouTube and talk to my friends. Her favorite book right now is “The Wait” by Devon Franklin, her favorite book of The Bible is Job and her favorite song right now is “Jesus Will” by Anita Wilson.

She would like to give God all the glory for the completion of this project and would also like to humbly thank her family for supporting her, especially her parents and her grandfather who sponsored her, Pastor Emeritus Dr. James Shearer.

If you would like a copy of Tomia’s book “Young and God Believing” please contact her at, keep up with her on Instagram or follow her channel on Youtube, Woman of Influence. Her book is now available at Template or online here.

Take a look at Tomia's Book Launch Invitation.

We placed her invitation in a beautiful gold glitter lasercut that we have in stock. It’s whimsical swirls coupled with the glitz and glamour of glitter made Tomia’s invitation stand out! The lasercut was held closed by a gorgeous purple organza ribbon with gold edging detail. What an exquisite finishing touch to a very different invitation

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