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Throw A Fabulous COVID-19 'Minimony'

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Fashion, Food & Finances

Lockdown has launched a whole new trend for couples hosting tiny versions of their planned wedding day, right down to a mini version of their wedding cake, and saving the big party for a later date.

Think of it as a preview of the real thing, or a symbol of the love you have for each other – not even a pandemic could stop you from getting married.

With the new government guidelines indicating that weddings can only have up to five guests in attendance, celebrate your nuptials right now with a 'Minimony'!


Do you have a reception dress? Utilize your reception dress as your wedding dress for that day and leave the main dress for The Sequel Wedding later. If you need a gown on short notice, visit one of the local boutiques where you can rent or purchase a dress off rack at a reasonable price.

Ask your florist to create a smaller version of your original wedding bouquet, because you still want the look and feel of the original wedding.


With a smaller guest count, you can surely save some money here! Have a private Chef replicate your wedding menu to your guest of five.

Still want your cake and eat it to?

Get A Mini Cake!

Ask your cake vendor to create a smaller version of your original wedding cake for you to cut and enjoy with your guests. Also, you can give your guests their own personalized mini cake for their wedding favor, besides it's only five of them!

You can never have too much cake!


An intimate Minimony can save you tons! However, if you still want that dream wedding later, that’s still an option too! You can save on so many areas since you now have a smaller guest count particularly food and décor. These savings can be used toward your upcoming honeymoon!

If you need any assistance transitioning to a COVID 'Minimony,' let's set up a virtual consult! I have daily availability on my calendar ( even during lockdowns). Or, I can also be contacted with questions at or (242)394-0939.


About Donnette

Pink Sands Events named for her favourite colour and her last name, Donnette brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and fun to make any event fabulous and unforgettable. She has been working with Template for the past 14 years and is passionate about planning, stationery, and events. With her keen eye for details and organization, she has made many clients happy, pleased, and excited for their big day.  A good listener with a heart overflowing with creativity and loads of energy, it will be her joy to plan and design with you.

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