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Design Of The Week - Timeless Beauty | Ranel and Marvin

This set is the epitome of class, sophistication and elegance.

Printed in on an ivory

paper in gold ink, the invitation itself is backed with a lovely reflective gold paper

The reception card perfectly compliments the invitation, as it too is backed with gold

reflective paper and both are delicately nestled in a sizeable, one of a kind, ivory,

rose laser cut.

Similarly, the folded booklet style program is also printed on a stunning ivory paper

in gold ink and is…

To finish off this stylish set, the menu is the prefect replica of the invitation itself and

is just the perfect size to make an impact on any tablescape.

This wedding stationery set is ideal for a minimalistic, opulent couple who loves the

refined and polished look of gold and ivory, an ageless, classic combination.

Interested in this look for your big day? Here at Template, we’d be happy to help.

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