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Design Of The Week - Dazzling Copper | Ocean & Brian

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Ideal for the out of the box couple, the Ocean and Brian invitation is not your usual wedding invite.

This one of a kind invitation is pleasing to the eye with its sparkly copper coloured pocket envelope and its matte velvet navy floral lasercut. The slightly coarse surface of the pocket and the smooth finish of the velvet lasercut are a texture lover’s dream.

Aloft to the pocket itself is a lovely loop created by a think piece of navy satin ribbon. Pull on the loop and there is the invitation. How unique is that?

Upon retrieval from the dazzling pocket envelope, the invitation itself is revealed. Backed by a copper reflective paper, the invitation is printed on a beige cardstock with a gold undertone. The fine fonts used on this invitation give it such a fun yet elegant look.

Another fun feature of this invitation is that the Reception and Response card was fastened on the back. This invitation is a complete package! Come visit us here at Template and make the Ocean and Brian invitation yours today!

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