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Dawn of Love | Junardo & Taneisha

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Taneisha and Junardo are two of the nicest people you’ll met. Taneisha is a very intelligent, out-going and sweet young woman whom we met because of an unfortunate mishap with her original wedding invitations. This is not an uncommon happenstance, as we receive many couples who have had issues with their stationery that we were able to help.

With our huge inventory of papers, embellishments and designs, we are always able to design and create stationery in a very short time. Hence, we were able to assist Taneisha and put her mind at ease to trust to produce an invitation would be very much pleasing in less than one week.

After a consultation with us, Taneisha decided on a seal and send invitation, which is a very popular style here at Template. This invitation has a few different variations in regards to the insert and the seal itself.

For their wedding, Taneisha chose the version that included a vellum invitation insert, which had the wedding information printed in gold font.

A satin gold knot was placed at the top of the translucent vellum to add a touch of sophistication to the already elegant display. This vellum paper was placed in an ivory metallic cardstock jacket that folded vertically.

The couple’s custom made monogram was printed on the top layer and the couple’s RSVP, reception and gift selection information were printed on the bottom.

A metallic gold miniature envelope was used for their monetary envelope. Printed in gold ink and fastened under the vellum, this was a cute yet practical touch to the invitation.

To seal the cardstock jacket, Taneisha decided to use a gold wax seal, which was quite lovely. Wax seals are a specialty at Template.

On the opposite side of the jacket, was the name of each guest. It is little details like these that make invitations so personal and distinctive and that make the recipients feel special.

After giving Taneisha her wedding invitations, we were pleasantly surprised to be contacted by her mother who was planning her bridal shower. Through this communication, we were able to do Taneisha’s bridal shower invitation, monetary envelope and menu.

This stationery trio was all printed on a beautiful shimmery ivory paper and was adorned with gold font and flowers.

The couple’s monogram was on both invitation and menu, which continued the overall look of the set.

The monetary envelope chosen was the standard size of our monetary envelopes, which is a bit bigger than the one included in Taneisha’s wedding invitation.

Another fun detail was added to Taneisha’s shower; the monetary envelopes were to be placed in our “Honeymoon Fund” box.

The shower was a hit and Taneisha enjoyed the day greatly! She is pictured here alongside her mother and grandmother;

All the planning, preparing and praying all led up to this moment.

Taneisha, surrounded by her gorgeous bridesmaids

readied herself to be the lady of the hour, the bride.

Junardo, along with his handsome brigade of men,

toasted to the newlyweds and wished them well as they started their new beginning.

On a cool December afternoon, Taneisha and Junardo’s beloved family and friends gathered together at their chosen venue, Sapodilla, with great anticipation and excitement. They were about to bear witness to the joining of two people whom they both cherished and admired.

The hour was near and the time had come. The very dapper groom Junardo took his place at the end of the aisle and anxiously awaited the moment he would set eyes on his wife to be, Taneisha.

And she surly did not disappoint. Full of poise and grace, she glided down the aisle towards the man of her dreams.

As Junardo took Taneisha in the hand, the world stood still and in that moment, it was all about them. Before the company congregated there, this dynamic couple looked lovingly into each other’s eyes and vowed to love, honour and cherish one another until the end of time. This love was sealed with a kiss and the newlyweds joyfully danced down the aisle and into the rest of their lives.

As they soaked in their first moments as husband and wife and took their portraits with their bridal party and families, guests made their way into the reception area.

Also on an easel was the couple’s custom made seating chart, embellished with gold, ivory and willow green ribbon and gold brooches. Place in the centre of the chart was another one of their stylish engagement photos.

The reception space was gorgeous. Gold chiavari chairs sat up straight and were tucked under white table cloths, which were the perfect canvas for the couple’s chosen tablescape.

Tall crystal vases overflowing with white roses and hydrangeas were placed at the heart of the circular tables, while high gold brackets held the floral arrangements on the longer banquet tables.

Each table also housed white candles in beautiful gold goblets and holders. The sweet heart table for the newly wed Mr. and Mrs. Hall was placed in the center of the room, thus making them the centres of attention. The ambiance was airy and romantic and entire venue was a sight to see.

Joy and laughter filled the air as guests filled the room and looked for their tables. This was made easy, as there were table numbers on the each table.

The table cards were printed on ivory paper and were complete with gold lettering and greenery themed framing.

This image was also used on the escort cards which doubled as meal cards. Each one had a different color dot on it, which indicated that guest’s chosen meal option.

This couple truly enjoyed their wedding reception; they laughed, danced and had a very entertaining garter toss.

After their beautiful and fun filled wedding, the Halls set off for their honeymoon and enjoyed their first few months together as husband and wife. This was when we were contacted by them one more time to do their thank you cards.

Printed on matte ivory paper, their thank you cards featured Taneisha’s favourite photo of them from the wedding on the front and a heartfelt message from the two on the inside.

Taneisha and Junardo had such an intimate and picturesque wedding day and we here at Template pray that their marriage be even more beautiful!

Wedding Stationery | Template

Wedding Day Videography | Green Tree Productions

Don't forget to leave your well wishes for the lovely couple in the comment section below.

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