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Design Of The Week - Beverley's 70th Birthday

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

She watches over the ways of her household, And does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her....

Today our Queen is celebrating her birthday... Happy Birthday Mom... you have been our cheerleader, spiritual advisor, doctor, shopping partner (Lord she could shop!), banker and a true friend... Lord knows we can't imagine

life without you....Happy Birthday💕💕💕

Written by Keva Adams (Daughter)

The pleasure was all ours to be a part of the 70th birthday celebration of Elder Beverley Maria Clarke - a lady of beauty and grace! When her talented children decided to host a party in her honour, they gave us at Template the green light to dazzle in grand style.

We thought a lasercut would be pleasing. But which one?

For a golden lady such as she, a shimmery gold glitter lasercut is most fitting as can be!

Guests were delighted to receive their invitation that was addressed directly to them.

The two-tier invitation was enclosed in the glittery gold lasercut jacket we call “Larissa”, setting precedence for what was to come. The details of the design is mesmerizing with all its opulence and style. The mirri gold backing added such a radiant flair setting the tone for a semi-formal affair!

A two-tier monogram with Beverley’s initials was created just for her and fastened to a belly band that wrapped around the entire lasercut design.

When the invitation was revealed, you could not help but to know how beautiful, strong and precious Beverley is to those who love and know her. The two-tier invitation was a marvel!

Her beautiful daughters, Keva and Lavonne, took the lead in having guests RSVP to them. They are so grateful for a godly mother who has raised them to be women of character.

Elder Beverley and her husband Bishop VG Clarke have done it the right way. They are retired, living in and mentoring those in the beautiful island of Turks & Caicos. So it was fitting for her children to choose a monetary gift selection.

It was also a blessing for her guests to write well wishes to a lady who has been an encourager and a mighty prayer warrior, to be given words of love and blessing.

A seating chart was placed at the entrance of the soirée so that guests would have no problem locating their seats.

Glitter circle table cards were the perfect identifier for each place setting.

For the affair, we designed a unique program making the night eventful, fun, exciting and memorable.

As the guest of honour made her entrance, she drummed up a great deal of excitement with her smooth moves. Notably her spirit of thanksgiving and joy was present.

There were prayers rendered, toasting, eating, laughing and a lot of singing. The melodious acapella sounds of The Rahming Brothers were sensational, and sentimental toasts were given by grandchildren, friends and former colleagues – a fragrant expression of appreciation and love.

MC Jack Thompson also had her lovely children give an impromptu rendition. It was heartwarming. A mother could not be more proud.

She was serenaded so beautifully, husband VG Clarke had to lean in for a kiss!

It was then time to cut the cake. The first piece was given to her wonderful charismatic and devoted husband of over 50 years.

Beverley then gave one of the best vote of thanks we had ever heard! In her 'Beverley Maria Clarke' fashion - dosed with a little singing and a whole lot worship to God, her Rock.

Bishop Clarke, who is her biggest fan, was not ashamed to show it!

As the night closed, guests were given the opportunity to create even more memories with this special lady.

They were not only glad to have shared this eventful evening with the lady of the hour but were also given a sweet treat as a parting gift.

Achieving the age of 70 is a marvelous blessing. Our sister Beverley has been true to herself by being authentic and genuine. This is one of the greatest accomplishments in life that we all aspire to. Her legacy of faithfulness and dedication to God leaves nothing short of real success. Indeed, she is living her purpose out loud.

Stationery | Template

Photographer | Michael Swann

Event Planner | Keva Adams

Take a closer look and be sure to leave your well wishes for Beverley at the bottom

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