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Design Of The Week - Beautifully Embossed | Madeline & Donald

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Blush, Ivory & Gold – the beauty of these three trending colours is transcending. The elegance of ivory, the boldness of gold and the softness of blush pink evokes feelings of gentleness, strength and honesty. Together forever – Madeline & Donald are in love.

The ivory embossed pocket jacket is exquisite with its floral pattern design, and the rich texture is captivating. As you run your fingers over it, the imagination of what’s inside builds.

The ribbon monogram bellyband is perfect for the embossed jacket closure featuring a floral circle design, sophistically displaying the couple’s last name.

When the bellyband is slid off, the invitation is revealed. Inside the elegance continues with a two tier invitation printed on metallic linen cardstock. A beautiful blush pink ribbon with a well-to-do bow is fastened horizontally, neatly positioned and flawlessly balanced.

The all in one reception, response and gift card matches the invitation card. Neatly tucked into the embossed pocket, the "one card fits all" is

so fitting and convenient, having no loose pieces.

This invitation sets the tone for your perfect today. Madeline and Donald’s beautifully embossed ensemble surely spoke of love, togetherness and elegance.

Take a closer look

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