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Design Of The Week - Watercolour Wonder | Tanay & Andrew

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

At first glance, the beautiful deep blue lasercut pocket invitation leaves a sharp impression. A delicate pearl brooch, affixed in the center of a blush two tier faux bow ribbon band, is horizontally fastened on the pocket.​

The portrait invitation is accented with gorgeous watercolour brush strokes of blush at the top and navy blue at the bottom. At the nucleus of the invitation, the pair’s names are printed in gorgeous calligraphy, drawing the eyes to the names of the man and woman of the hour. The wedding details are below and everything is in a soft grey colour.

The combination of colours on the invitation gives off a very light and mellow vibe.

This feeling perfectly matched the couple’s personalities and the location for their nuptials.

The brush strokes remind them of the fluffy white clouds slowly drifting overhead in the blue Bahamian skies, while the deep blue at the bottom prompts them to think of the sapphire seas that can be seen roaring over the horizon.

The reception and response card and the monetary envelope is conveniently placed in the lasercut pocket adjacent to the printed invitation. Both perfectly compliment the invitation, as the reception and rsvp card is lightly strokes with blush watercolour and the monetary envelope is boldly brushed with navy.

This feeling of ease transcends into the remainder of the day as the wedding itself is a scenic display of Tanay and Andrew’s love for one another. The vibe of the wedding and reception are light and mellow, just like the couple’s invitation. Isn’t it a wonder how an invitation can truly set the mood for a wedding?

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