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Trade your fear and anxiety about your children for peace, calm, and confidence in the God who loves and guides you as you parent.

Bestselling author and mom blogger Bunmi Laditan vulnerably shares the prayers she's prayed for her children as inspiration for your own prayer life. Refreshingly relatable, bravely honest, and deeply heartwarming, Help Me, God, I'm a Parent meets you right where you're at and gives voice to the thoughts everyone--even you--has about parenthood that they are afraid to say out loud.

In the way only she can, Bunmi echoes the same fears, joys, delights, loneliness, regrets, and love you have in your heart through prayers that . . .

• Bask in the awe and wonder of parenting
• Savor joyous moments and big accomplishments
• Make you laugh when you need it most
• Rejoice in the love you have for your children and the love God has for you
• Alleviate worry and anxiety about your children and their futures
• Bestow peace and calm in those I'm-at-the-end-of-my-rope moments
• Seek wisdom when the advice of the world fails you
• Offer humble thanks to a good God for the blessings we see and those we don't

No prayer is more powerful than the one prayed by a parent for their child. Experience today how prayer can change not only your own life but the lives of your children.

Help Me, God I'm A Parent

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    Book Information

    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Author: Laditan, Bunmi
    • Publishing: Zondervan
    • Page Count: 187
    • Size: 7.98" l x 4.47" w x 0.80"

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