Mama Sassy's Gourmet Jams are locally made and loaded with rich flavour and spices. Each jar is 1.5oz.


Cranberry Pepper Jam- Cranberries and Cinnamon are paired with Goat pepper to render a complex taste of tartness, sweet and spicy heat.


Spicy Apple Jam - Warm and inviting is this apple pie inspired jam in a jar with a little kick. Delightful, flavourful and delicious, this apple a day won't keep the doctor away or anyone for that matter.


Mulled Wine Pepper Jelly- An ode to cold nights in France and the warmth of The Bahamas sunshine is this delectable jelly made with red wine and an assortment of exotic spices and goat peppers.


Beer Pepper Jelly - Locally brewed Kalik Beer is spiked with lime juice and Goat Peppers for the beer aficionados. Unbelievably this jelly wins over customers who normally will not drink beer.


Mango Radler Pepper Jelly - Mango meets Radler crafted by local brewed Kalik brand and is emboldened by the flavorful heat of the Goat pepper in this sweet savory hot jelly.


Please send us an email if you would like to intermix your trio with Jam, Jelly, Vinaigrette or Marinades.


Custom labels can be added to all jams, jellies, marinades and vinaigrette for your special day! If you would like a quote send us an email or give us a call!

Mama Sassy's Jam (Set of 3)

SKU: 7220
First Flavour
Second Flavour
Third Flavour

    1.5 oz each


    Most orders ready for in-store pickup or delivery within three (3) business days.

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