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The official authorized companion to the much-loved Netflix show Emily in Paris.

Paris, J'Adore! is Emily Cooper's diary about her life in France so far. From leaving her boyfriend in Chicago to starting at marketing firm Savoir in Paris, it reveals all the thrill, fear and confusion Emily experiences as she embarks on her new life. She becomes acquainted not only with French workplace etiquette - the long lunches, the arguments, the determined reluctance to use social media - but also with Gabriel, the hottest chef in town.


Some things, though, are beyond comprehension: like why the first floor in a Parisian apartment building is the second floor and the first floor is the ground floor. As the months go by, Emily learns how it's perfectly normal to have a glass of Sancerre for breakfast and how you should never turn up early at work. But more than anything, she learns about love, female friendships, and how exciting it is to step out of your comfort zone in this beautiful and intriguing city.

Paris, J'Adore! is also a guidebook to how to be a Parisian, with tips on fashion, romance, and where to capture the perfect selfie in the City of Lights. Written in Emily's voice, it will contain the following sections:

  • Emily's Fashion Paris - all about Emily's favourite outfits and designers - from Cadault to Chanel - as well as tips on what to wear to the beach, where to find the best boutiques, and how to dress like a Parisian;
  • Emily's Romantic Paris - the best bridges to kiss and break up on, where you can find the most breathtaking views and the most perfect backstreets, why the magic of the Eiffel Tower twinkling at night is the most intoxicating backdrop to falling in love, and a selection of the most evocative French songs to sing along to;
  • Emily's Secret Paris - where Parisians show Emily the real Paris, from the hamman in the Mosquée de Paris to the Atelier des Lumières, and from small independent French cinemas to delightful neighbourhood restaurants; 
  • Emily's Workplace Paris - how to navigate tensions and emotions in a French boardroom, lunch and coffee break rituals, Sylvie's own version of Savoir's Employee Handbook, and how to teach the French about social media; 
  • Emily's Escapades from Paris - including the delights of the Champagne region, the sheer glamour of Saint-Tropez and the opulence of the Château de Versailles.

Emily in Paris: Paris, J'Adore! The Official Authorized Companion

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    Book Information:

    • Binding:Hardcover
    • Author: Little Brown and Company
    • Publisher: Little Brown and Company
    • Pages: 206
    • Size: 9.91" l x 7.56" w x 0.79"

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