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What does it mean to Think Inside The Box?

To think inside the box means to look at what you have, then appreciate and make the best of it.

At Template, we thought inside our own country for some great holiday ideas. We pursued and partnered with talented entrepreneurs whose products were unsurpassed. This partnership led us to curate a safe Christmas online store with unique holiday offerings, which immensely helped to relieve the traffic in our Jerome Ave storefront—an inviting and festive scene for those who want to feel the magic of the season.

Introducing our Partners

Believe Wines

Cheers! Julien Thompson's Believe Wines have a rich and smooth

taste that will tantalize your palate. These wines are fast becoming a local favourite when we raise our glasses.


A - Z to The Best Me

A - Z to The Best Me by author and Bahamian philanthropist Anastarica "Star" Palacious sets us on a soul-stirring course with her devotional. It encourages and will uplift and strengthen your character. As wise men followed the star, we follow "Star" on a remarkable journey to living our best life through faith.


Naturally Bahamian

Denise Worrell's Naturally Bahamian teas have medicinal and healing properties for a healthier lifestyle. The Christmas tea Worrell Sorrel is this season's best remedy for a tranquil and healthy immune holiday.


Young & Believing God

Young & Believing God is a beautiful testimonial by local Bahamian author Tomia Shearer. It is encouraging and inspiring to those young and old. Still in her twenties and wise beyond her years, she is well on her way to becoming the face of our future Bahamas, and it is bright!


Mama Sassy's Gourmet Foods

She's sassy, but Cherelle Cartwright's Mama Sassy's Gourmet jams, jellies, and marinades are well sought after by tourists and locals alike. Giving a distinct and rich flavour to foods and taking cooking to the next level, your meals will never be the same again.


The Cookie Caterer

Gregory Collie, aka The Cookie Caterer, has mastered the art of delectable treats. His flavours and business are expanding because of such tasty delights that leave you wanting more.


All of our other products and gift ideas, and fun packaging will delight you with the ease of shopping safely online or in our store.

So what are you waiting for? Support your local businesses and entrepreneurs!

Our website has been put together by a team of the best and talented local graphic artists, designers, and skilled writers. Our goal is to bring you the best display of Christmas at very affordable pricing. The ease of shopping and using our website will not overwhelm you, and you will enjoy all of the great finds and offerings.

So think inside the box this Christmas. Think inside your own backyard. This little country has incredible things to offer. Appreciate what you have, and let's make the best of it! Happy shopping!

At this time, we would also like to wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with peace, love, and joy.

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