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Transparent Love - Design of the Week

Updated: May 30, 2022

The acrylic wedding invitation is trending due to its' elegance and sophistication.

Your message will go above and beyond with these unique designs.

The transparent plastic material is strong and clear to the eye.

For many weddings, acrylic is a great material to give you a more polished look.

Your invite says a lot about your event.

Make it shine and let us help you with your design.

You’ve found the perfect venue, hired the best vendors, and chosen the most beautiful cake. Now, it’s time to send invitations for the big day!

But you can’t just send an invitation that isn't you. It should offer a glimpse at the style of wedding you’re planning. It will give guests the most important information, presented in a beautiful design.

The beauty of acrylic is that it’s incredibly adaptable.

It is a plastic material that looks just like glass. However, it’s far more transparent, and of course, it weighs less than glass.

With that adaptability, an acrylic invitation can be dressed up

for a super-luxe design...

or dressed down for a more minimalist approach...

ultimately providing an option to fit any wedding’s aesthetic.

So if this suits your fancy, acrylic wedding invitations may be just the sleek and edgy option you’ve been searching for to make a statement.

See all these samples and more at Template.

Let us help you set the tone for your most unforgettable day.

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