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Design Of The Week - Follow Me To The Sea | Lindsay & Michael

This gorgeous beach themed invitation awed audiences with its gatefold pouchette jacket that ...

The jacket made of a soft, fibrous handmade paper, had a rustic twine wrap. It gave the invitation an authentic feel of nature at its best. Attached to it loosely was a woodgrain paper backing and with a monogram.

Opened, it revealed a ...

You could hear the ocean calling and feel the pleasantry and warmth of our waters. The one-of-a-kind woodgrain textured invitation backing made for a gorgeous frame.

The matching reception and gift selection cards complimented the set perfectly.

As for the programs, the word “eye-catching” doesn’t do this natural beauty justice.

The outer cover made of a kraft cardstock paper called “Harvest” matched the invitation exceptionally well while the pages inside were decorated with playful yet mature elements.

This all helped tie everything together flawlessly.

A dream come true – for the little mermaid and her prince charming who are lovers of the sea have found each other and are indeed meant to be!

Take a closer look

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