Question: Where will the photo and greeting appear?

Answer: Our fabulous graphic team will tastefully pair your greeting and photo together. It will be posted to our Website, Facebook and Instagram pages. The photo can be with you and mom, you and your siblings with mom or a photo of just mom. 


Question: When will it appear?

Answer: After we have edited to reflect in the best set up, we will start posting beginning May 1st and it shall remain until May 16th.


Question: When is the deadline?

Answer: The deadline is Friday May 7th. But the earlier the better to guarantee we will have time to edit, create and post.


Question: Who can participate?

Answer: We invite all to participate. Not just open to little kids and moms, but adults and their moms too. Husbands, boyfriends, significant others, family and friends, you can all salute that special lady. 


Question: Is there a fee?

Answer: No it is free! This is our way of saluting our great Moms.


Question: How do we participate?

Answer: Complete the form below and email us a photo to info@templatebahamas.com or Whatsapp photo to (242) 437-9764.

Bahamian credit and debit card payments are accepted and processed in USD.

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